Curator, Floralia exhibition with Nikki Parmenter. Gawthorpe Textiles Collection (forthcoming April-July 2020).


Curatorial Support, ‘Thread Bearing Witness’ exhibition with Alice Kettle. Gawthorpe Great Barn with The National Trust and British Textile Biennial (October 2019).


Fundraiser & Curator, ‘Strands of Place and Time’ artist commissions, exhibition and engagement programme with Alice Kettle, Jane McKeating, Nigel Hurlstone, Elnaz Yazdani, Poppy Cartwright & Omaid refugee group. Gawthorpe Textiles Collection (July-November 2019). ACE funded and in partnership with Manchester School of Art, Action Factory, British Textile Biennial, Padiham Townscape Heritage.


Curator, ‘Hidden Gems’ exhibition and cross-generation community engagement. Gawthorpe Textiles Collection and University of Central Lancashire (June-November 2019).


Curator, ‘Happy and Proud’ exhibition and schools engagement. Gawthorpe Textiles Collection with Participation Works and Calico Homes (March-May 2019).


Curator, ‘Gifted’ exhibition with Textilia 3. Gawthorpe Textiles Collection (March-July 2019).


Curator, ‘Exploring the Distaff Effect: Miss Isabel Walton’ engagement residency with Jeni McConnell. Gawthorpe Textiles Collection with Esmée Fairbairn Collections Funding (September-October 2018).


Curator, ‘The Battle of Britain Lace Panel: Then and Now’ exhibition with Carol Quarini. Gawthorpe Textile Collection (July-November 2018).


Curator, Emotional Repair exhibition and makers symposium with Ruth Singer. Gawthorpe Textiles Collection (March-July 2018). Also exhibited at Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre (2019).


Fundraiser and Curator, ‘Luminary’ Meeting Point2 artist commission and exhibition with cross-generation schools and community engagement with Serena Partridge. Gawthorpe Textiles Collection with Arts&Heritage funding (August-November 2017).


Curator, ‘Significance’ exhibition. Gawthorpe Textiles Collection and Manchester School of Art (July-November 2017). Also exhibited at Knit & Stitch (2016).


Curator, ‘Miss Rachel’s Roses’ exhibition and wellbeing engagement. Gawthorpe Textiles Collection with Valley Street Community Studio (March-July 2017).


Lead Speaker, ‘Curating the Red Work Exhibition’ at the Textile Matters: Red Work symposium, Bath Spa University Textile Research Centre (April 2016).


Curator ‘Cataloguing Padiham’ cross-generation community engagement artist commission, exhibition and art trail in Padiham. Gawthorpe Textiles Collection and Super Slow Way (July-November 2016).


Curator, ‘Stitch Your Brain’ wellbeing engagement and exhibition with Monika Auch. Gawthorpe Textiles Collection (April-June 2016). Also exhibited at Kunst Art Gallery, Amsterdam (2018).


Curator, wellbeing engagement residency with Claire Wellesley-Smith. Gawthorpe Textiles Collection with Esmée Fairbairn Collections Funding (March-July 2016).


Researcher and Producer, Textile loan boxes for school and community engagement. Gawthorpe Textiles Collection with Granada Foundation funding (2015).


Curator, ‘Reassembling the Self’ exhibition with Susan Aldworth and mental health conference and engagement. Waterside Arts Centre with Manchester University, BlueSci and Wellcome Trust (2015).


Fundraiser and Curator, ‘Red Work: Rachel Howard’ artist commission, engagement programme and touring exhibition. Waterside Arts Centre (October 2014 – January 2015). ACE funded and in partnership with the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum. Exhibition toured to the Williamson (2015), Bath Spa University School of Art and Burton Art Gallery (2016) and Knit & Stitch (2017).


Curator, artist commission and exhibition with Bella May Leonard. Gawthorpe Textiles Collection (March-November 2014).


Curator, artist residency and exhibition with Angela Davies. Gawthorpe Textiles Collection (March-November 2014).


Selector, ‘The Open Contemporary’ Stockport Art Gallery (July 2013).


Curator, ‘One Year On’ Open prize-winners exhibition. Waterside Arts Centre (2013).


Producer and Curator, ‘Waterside Open’ exhibition with selectors artist Halima Cassell and art collector Dr Mark Turner. Waterside Arts Centre (2012).


Fundraiser and Curator, ‘Men of Cloth’ exhibition with Michael Brennand-Wood, Mathew Harris, Kazuhito Takadoi, Gavin Fry, James Hunting, Colin Jenkins. Waterside Arts Centre with Sasakawa Foundation funding (2010).